Glue Applicator. Great plastic bottle for applying glues, paints, etc. Includes metal tip and stainless steel pin. Dispenses a very fine line. This is a must for gluing fine braids.
T4023 Marking Stylus
Nice Sturdy Marking Stylus. You can use with any egg marker.
T4062 LED Binocular Head Magnifier
L.E.D. Head Mag Plus Eye Loupe Head Mag Plus Eye Loupe Power: 2.2x, 3.3x, 3.7x, 4.8x. Very comfortable to wear and is dual lens too. The primary lens is 2.2x, but you can activate the 2nd lens (3.3X) to combine with the first set. It is Lighted with LED on each side. This makes the power strenght 3.7x, Then you can employ the ''drop-down'' loupe, that is 4.8x. A really nice magnifier, and has many uses. Batteries required. Batteries not included.
T4061 Flush Cutter Pliers
Flush Cutter Pliers
T4063 Drape Stick
Drape Stick. This is great for working in small areas, beading, getting cording straight and moving things!
T4073 Gold Plated Stork Scissors
4 inch gold plated stork scissors.
T4077A Angled Spring Scissors
4.25" Curved Spring Scissors.
Regular price: $16.00
Sale price: $12.00
T4077 Spring Scissors
4.25" Spring Scissors.
Regular price: $16.00
Sale price: $12.00
T4053 Curved Jewelers Tweezers
6" Curved Jewelers Tweezers. Anti-magnetic. Very precise.
T4068 Straight Jewelers Tweezers
6" Straight Jewelers Tweezers. Very sharp and precise.
T4052 Curved Tweezers 4"
4" Curved Tweezers. Very sharp. Anti-magnetic.
T4057 Tweezers with Gem Tray
6 inch Tweezers with Gem Tray. Stainless Steel.
T4108 Locking Needle Nose Pliers
Gold handled locking needle nose pliers. Stainless steel. Snaps shut to hold things in place.
Regular price: $16.00
Sale price: $8.00
T4085 Egg Cradle
Foam egg cradle. This cradle is awesome. It has 5 rings. Remove the inside rings and it holds an Ostrich egg. Use the tiny inside ring to hold a Finch egg. If you are working on a jewel box, you can turn the cut side down on the cradle. Clean with dish soap and water.
Monoject with curved tip. Great for applying glues! Can be used to apply oil to your hand piece also. Get several and use one for each type of glue you use! Can be used with Fabric Tack glue also!
Embellie Gellie
Embellie Gellie--We LOVE this product for picking up beads and rhinestones!!!! Use a pearl-sized ball of Embellie Gellie on the wooden wand for quick pick-n-stick of small embellishments

* Pick up and precisely place small embellishments including gems & jewels, buttons, beads, sequins, charms, punched shapes, confetti and more * Perfect tackiness means it's strong enough to pick up charms, yet releases diecut letters with ease * Better than tweezers! Easier to pickup flat items and will not mar, bend or "pop" embellishments * Stable material does not dry out, soften or harden with time or temperature * Environmentally-friendly minimal design and packaging contains a long-lasting supply of Gellie
T4027 Disappearing Ink Pen
Disappearing Ink Marking Pen. Use this to mark the center of your egg, use to mark the center of your stand or base. Ink disappears after about 24 hours. I use this to mark the center of my base, egg, and stand to make sure everything matches up before gluing!
T4090 Beeders Tweezers
Heavy duty 4.5 inch tweezers. Great for picking up small objects.
T4092 Tweezers
3 inch tweezers with sharp point for precise work.
T4094 Round Nose Pliers
5 inches round nose pliers. Great for jewelers or making dangles, tassels and finials. Highly useful when bending wire or materials without unwanted ''kinking'' . Spring-Action.
T4096 Needle Nose Pliers
Perfect for bending, at direct 90 degree angles or less. Especialy handy for jewelry work. Nice PVC Coated handles, for firm grip. Spring-Action. 5 inches.
T-Burr Box
Burr and bit box. Holds 1/8 inch or 3/32 inch burrs. Holds 20 burs. The burr in photo is not included.
T4035 Big Eye Lamp
If you will want this awesome lamp!! The popular Big Eye lamps combine high intensity lamp and magnification for hands-free reading or writing. They have a 2x, 5 inch magnifying lens, which provides a large distortion-free viewing area. Flexing goose neck allows for easy positioning when reading or writing. Includes 40-watt high intensity bulb and one spare bulb. Sold Separately: Optional lens booster increases magnification to 5x - swings away easily when not in use.
T4036 Booster for Big Eye
Attaches to the Big Eye Lamp. This is great if you are over 40 years old! LOL Optional lens booster increases magnification to 5x - swings away easily when not in use.
T4115 Caliper
Caliper. This is the too needed to measure for hinge rings and screw rings!