Embellie Gellie

Embellie Gellie
Item# embellie-gellie

Product Description

Embellie Gellie--We LOVE this product for picking up beads and rhinestones!!!! Use a pearl-sized ball of Embellie Gellie on the wooden wand for quick pick-n-stick of small embellishments

* Pick up and precisely place small embellishments including gems & jewels, buttons, beads, sequins, charms, punched shapes, confetti and more * Perfect tackiness means it's strong enough to pick up charms, yet releases diecut letters with ease * Better than tweezers! Easier to pickup flat items and will not mar, bend or "pop" embellishments * Stable material does not dry out, soften or harden with time or temperature * Environmentally-friendly minimal design and packaging contains a long-lasting supply of Gellie