Egg Shells

These egg shells are clean and sanitized. They are empty. Unless stated otherwise, the drain hole(s) are located at the top and or bottom. Eggs are sold individually.

NE 1  Ostrich Egg Shell
Under 16 inches
NE 1L  Large Ostrich Shell
16 - 16 5/8 inches
NE01 Jumbo Ostrich
17 inches and larger
NE 2  Rhea Shell
Under 13.5 inches.
NE 2L  Large Rhea Shell
Over 13.5 inches.
NE 3  Emu Shell
Emu shell
NE03 Emu 2nd Quality
This is an emu egg shell that is not first quality. It may be discolored, have natural marks from laying or nicks in the shell. These are great for beading projects, jewelry making and any design where you will cover the shell with something. Supplies are limited. Sale price limited to stock on hand.
NE 4  Turkey Egg Shell
Turkey egg shell.
NE5  Duck Egg Shell
Duck egg shell
NE 6  Guinea Egg Shell
Guinea egg shell
NE 7 Pigeon Egg Shell
Pigeon egg shell
NE 8  Dove Egg Shell
Dove egg shell
NE 35  Cassowary Egg Shell
Cassowary egg shell. These are rare! Pin It
NE 15  Button Quail Egg Shell
Button Quail
NE 18  Small Goose Egg Shell
8 7/8 inch; or less Goose egg shell. May have 2 blow holes.
NE 19  Regular Goose Egg Shell
8 7/8 inches - 9.5 inches Goose egg shell
NE20 Large Goose Egg
9.5 - 10.5 inches.May have 2 blow holes.
NE 21  Jumbo Goose Egg Shell
10 1/2 inches - 11 3/8 inches Goose egg shell. May have 2 blow holes.
NE 22  Super Jumbo Goose Egg Shell
11 3/8 inches and larger Goose egg shell
NE 25  Peafowl Egg Shell
Peafowl egg shell (female peacock)
NE 16  Pharaoh Quail Egg Shell
Pharaoh Quail egg shell
NE 17  Bobwhite Quail Egg Shell
Bobwhite Quail egg shell
NE 26  Swan Egg Shell
Swan Egg Shell
NE 12  Pheasant Egg Shell
Pheasant egg shell
Blue duck egg shell. Shell has a bluish tint.
NE 30 Parakeet Egg Shell
Parakeet egg shell
NE 31  Finch Egg Shell
Finch egg shell
NE32  French Maran Egg Shell
French Maran egg shell. Color varies. Most of what we carry are in the middle of the range.
NE 33 Chilean Tinamou Egg Shell
Chilean Tinamou egg shell. Purplish in color. These are not readily available. These shells are very thin. When the egg shell is bleached, the inside is a soft blue. Side blown only at this time.
NE38 Cockatiel Eggshell
Cockatiel egg shell
NE Herring Gull
This is the common gull inland and along the coast.

This egg is blown on the side with a very small hole.
NE Kittiwake Gull
The Black-legged Kittiwake (Rissa tridactyla) is a seabird species in the gull family Laridae.

This egg is blown on the side with a very small hole.
NE Lesser Black-backed Gull
Lesser Black-backed Gull is a medium-sized gull with dark grey mantle and yellow legs. It is slightly smaller than Herring Gull (Larus argentatus).

This egg is blown on the side with a very small hole.
NE Brünnich’s guillemot
The Brünnich’s guillemot is a stout, sturdily built auk that is slightly smaller than the common guillemot, and is one of the most numerous seabirds in the northern hemisphere.

This egg has a side blow hole.