Horizontal Stands

46mm X 40mm X 17mm. Horizontal stand with stones.
52mm X 38mm X 22mm. Horizontal stand.
50mm X 38mm X 15mm. Horizontal stand. Dolphins and crystals.
42mm X 37mm X 16mm. Horizontal stand.
2". Suitable for ostrich size egg. Stand can be used with either side up.
ST1108 Tulip
1 5/8 inches. Holds goose, small rhea/emu. Horizontal stand.
ST1108 Tulip Silver
1 5/8 inches. Holds goose, small rhea/emu. Silver plated.
ST1110 Horizontal
1 1/2 inches. Horizontal stand holds goose, small rhea/emu.
ST1112 Horizontal
2 inch horizontals stand. Holds emu or rhea size egg.
ST1118 Swirl
2 1/8 inch horizontal stand. Holds emu, rhea and large goose size egg.
1 1/4 inches. Slanted stand. Holds goose size egg.
1 3/4 inches tall. Holds goose size egg.
1 1/2 inches. Holds goose size eggs.
1/2 inch tall. Holds duck, turkey, small goose size egg.
ST1212 Horizontal Stand
Horizontal stand. Holds emu, rhea or small ostrich size egg. Middle part is 1 inch tall.
ST1226 Horizontal Stand
Horizontal stand holds goose, emu or rhea size eggs. 1 1/2 inch tall.
Horizontal Stand. Gold plated. Holds a goose or swan sized egg. 1 inch tall.
Horizontal gold plated egg stand. Holds goose, small rhea or small emu. 1 1/2 inches tall.