GL-240 BGE

GL-240 BGE
Item# gl240-240
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Product Description

Best Glue Ever. The "Quick-Stick" for Paper and Embellishments

* The quick stick for paper and small embellishments such as gems & jewels, buttons, beads, sequins, charms, punched shapes, and glitter. * Apply to variety of materials including paper, plastic, metal, ceramic, fabric, foam, wood and rubber * Dries fast, clear and flexible with a super strong bond * Use sparingly! * Bonds paper to paper in seconds without wrinkling. One bottle lasts and lasts! * Thin writing tip for detail applications including glitter, micro-beads, flock and other bling * Re-positionable or permanent applications * Does not bleed through ribbon * Make homemade "Glue Spots" * Web glue cleans up with soap and water. Dried glue is permanent & washable on fabric. * Acid-free, non-toxic, non-stringy, no fumes, no odor.